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Row for Nanny’s Cure raises $8,400 for Rosalin Nickerson Care Fund

CAPE SABLE ISLAND, SHELBURNE COUNTY - While the strong winds kept dory racing to a minimum, it didn’t blow away the fun, enthusiasm and generosity at the ninth annual Row for Nanny’s Cure and Bras Across the Causeway fundraiser in North East Point on July 14.

Held in support of the Rosalin Nickerson Care Fund, the total raised from all events this year is just over $8,400, said organizer Bethany Nickerson. “Overall we are pleased with yesterday's results,” she said.

The wind was a major factor in the dory races that were scheduled for the day and because of that, only two races were held just for fun, said Nickerson. In the junior race, Kieran Hubbard and Johnny Penney were first, with Holden Nickerson and Frank Hubbard placing first in the men's division.

With entertainment by the Scott Family Timber Show, a musical performance by Matt Bone, and the Survivor Cape Island competition, there was lots to keep the crowd amused. In Survivor Cape Island, the Thingamajigs were first, Stray Kats, second, and Scrabblin' Jacks, third, in what was a very close competition.

More than 1,000 bras were strung across the Cape Sable Island Causeway as part of the event. With this year’s fundraising efforts, Row of Nanny’s Cure has raised more than $100,000 for the Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund. The fund supports cancer patients in the Municipality of Barrington and Town of Clark’s Harbour.

The Rosalin Nickerson CARE Fund Society will be holding their annual fundraiser, Walk for a Cause in September.

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