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LOBSTER OUTLOOK: Pubnico photographer/fisherman lands fish and photos on each trip

Wayne d’Entremont opened gallery this summer

WEST PUBNICO - Ask anyone who’s tried - it’s not easy taking pictures from a fishing boat. Yet Wayne d’Entremont continues to excel from this platform.

He’s fished the waters off South West Nova Scotia for close to 35 years, most recently pulling haddock from the sea aboard the Angelo O, skippered by Shane (Sugar Shane) D’Eon.

When asked if he takes his camera, a Nikon D810, with him, d’Entremont smiles.

“Always,” he says.

Wayne d’Entremont in his West Pubnico gallery.
Wayne d’Entremont in his West Pubnico gallery.

Opportunities abound but cannot always be caught.

“Many times we’ll haul up at daybreak, sunrise or sunset and I’m there working on deck just grinding my teeth, looking at what’s happening,” he says.

“Or a boat’s going by in rough weather… but once the work is done, time is mine.”

When it’s blowing a gale you won’t always find d’Entremont in the wheelhouse, seeking shelter as the boat leaps and rolls. He says it’s impossible to use a tripod so he just braces himself to shoot.

“If I hear a big splash on the side of the boat I just duck and hope it doesn’t get me or the camera.”

Although he shoots a variety of subjects, d’Entremont’s fascination with the sea is obvious. In the past year he’s made many dreamy, flowing, slow shutter images of the ocean. This is a man who sees and appreciates the beauty around him and wants to share it with others.

Freeman Patterson, a professional photographer based in New Brunswick, has been held in high esteem by d’Entremont for many years.

After d’Entremont and his wife Francine visited Patterson in his Shamper’s Bluff home last year, Patterson provided a workshop at d’Entremont’s home in September and insisted on buying one of d’Entremont’s photos, at full price.


Wayne d’Entremont with Freeman Paterson.
Wayne d’Entremont with Freeman Paterson.

He considers Wayne to be unsurpassed in his ability to convey “profound feeling of identity with the ocean.”

“For Wayne the ocean is both a reality and a symbol. In fact, the symbol is the reality, as his work goes far beyond describing the ocean's extraordinary beauty to evoking elemental feelings generated by its vastness, its darkness, its power, and its sheer mystery.”

In June, d’Entremont opened a gallery of his work in his home.

“I’m more serious than ever I think, the more I get into it,” he says.

More about Wayne d’Entremont’s gallery

Wayne d’Entremont’s gallery is located at 111 Louise B. Rd. in Lower West Pubnico.

Viewing appointments by request. Call 902-762-2432 or 902-648-7792

His website is in development.


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