Intel Chairman Turner: It is absolutely true that Russia's propaganda has influenced the US Congress

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) on Sunday emphasized the extensive scope of the Russian campaign and said it has even presented itself on the floor of the US Congress.

In an interview on CNN's “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper, Turner, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. He said he agreed with Michael McCaul (R-Texas), who singled out conservative news outlets and said that “Russian propaganda” has, unfortunately, entered America and affected a good portion of my party's base.

“Oh, it's absolutely true,” Turner told Tapper about McCall's comments. “We're seeing direct communications coming from Russia that are trying to cover up anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia communications, and we're even hearing some of them being uttered on the House floor.”

“I mean, there are members of Congress today who are falsely saying that this conflict between Russia and Ukraine is with NATO, which it certainly isn't,” Turner said. “Vladimir Putin has made it very clear, publicly and to his own people, that this is a contradiction of Russia's far-reaching claims, including Russia's claim to all of Russia, Eastern Europe and the territory of Ukraine.”

Turner said the campaign has made it difficult to deliver aid to Ukraine and present a clear picture of the battle between democracy and authoritarianism.

“Now, the more this propaganda takes hold, the more difficult it is for us to see it as a battle between autocracy and democracy. China's President Xi, Vladimir Putin himself, has recognized that,” Turner said.

“We must stand up for democracy. We must know with certainty that once authoritarian regimes start an occupation, they never stop. “Ukraine needs our help and assistance now, and now is a critical time for the US Congress to step up and provide that assistance,” Turner continued.

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