Hunter Biden Defies Deposit Subpoena, Gives Public Testimony Again

The president’s son, Hunter Biden, appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to testify publicly in House Republicans’ impeachment hearings against his father, though he insisted he would not appear for a scheduled private deposition on his denials.

The younger Mr. was subpoenaed to testify. Biden spoke to reporters at a hastily called news conference outside the Capitol near the Senate, across campus from the House office building where Republican lawmakers waited to question him behind closed doors. .

“I’m here,” said Mr. Biden said. “Let me be as clear as I can: My father is not in my business.”

“Allegations that my father was involved in my business have no basis because it did not happen,” he added.

Young Mr. Biden has resisted giving personal testimony, saying he fears Republicans will selectively leak his views and try to distort what he says. He has repeatedly proposed to appear in public hearings instead of answering their questions.

“They lied over and over again,” Mr. Biden said of Republicans.

If he doesn’t comply, Republicans have threatened to hold him in contempt of Congress, saying a public hearing is not enough.

Mr. Biden is under federal indictment facing charges related to tax crimes. House Republicans plan to hold a vote Wednesday evening to formally open an impeachment inquiry into his father, hoping to tie the younger Biden’s alleged wrongdoing through foreign business deals to the current president.

This is a growing story. Check back for updates.

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