Giants QB Tommy DeVito OK With NJ Pizzeria Appearance After Reportedly Doubles $10K Payout

Fans of both Tommy DeVito and pizza were not disappointed on Tuesday.

At a New Jersey pizza shop, the New York Giants quarterback threatened to cancel his appearance. Italian American sensibility He showed up as planned to sample bags and meet and greet fans. What’s more, according to reporter Darren Rowell, he did it for free.

Nino Coniglio, owner of DeVito’s in Morristown, is seen working behind the counter at Coniglio’s Old Fashioned, New Jersey on Tuesday.

It’s a scene that almost didn’t happen after a back-and-forth between Coniglio and DeVito’s agent, Sean Stellato, appeared online and threatened to shut it down. Coniglio posted on Instagram Sunday that Stellato doubled the $10,000 appearance fee he had agreed to after Davido had a high-profile win over the Green Bay Packers as New York’s starter on Monday night.

It was a primetime game that hinged heavily on the love affair between Stellato DeVito and the New York/New Jersey Italian American community.

“After last week’s win, his appearance fee from his agent doubled (from 10K to 20K); we are a small family run business and decided $20,000 for 2 hours was a bit steep,” Coniglio wrote.

Coniglio ended his post by doubling down on DeVito and Stellato walking out of the deal.

“We are Italians too and don’t like someone saying one thing and doing another,” Coniglio wrote.

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Stellato responded to Coniglio, reporting to Rowell that the two sides had never signed the contract.

“It’s a shame that the restaurant advertised having Tommy when we didn’t sign the contract.” Stellato said, per Rowell. “We didn’t raise the price because nothing was agreed.”

Tommy DeVito is reportedly being shown for free after a pizza shop owner claims he and his agent refunded the appearance fee they agreed upon. (Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Coniglio responded to Stellato’s retort with his own statement to Rowell and a screenshot of a text message he says shows Stellato agreed to certain terms.

It was a massive mess that threatened to spoil the goodwill of DeVito’s breakout from an unknown, undrafted rookie to winning quarterback for the New York Giants.

In the end, DeVito got some time with fans and it looks like a tasty lunch with his reputation. And Coniglio was promoted more than he bargained for at a steep discount. Everyone seems to have come out on top.

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