e. Closing arguments begin in Jean Carroll defamation case

Judge Louis Kaplan admonished Trump attorney Alina Haba once again as she made her closing argument.

Hubba during his presentation, E. Jean Carroll's “Bank rollers are paying my witnesses' attorneys' fees in the most desperation I've ever seen,” Hubba said. As a hostile witness for the defence.

Over the objection of Carroll's attorney, Kaplan cut Hubba off at this point. The judge warned Hubba, “If you disobey my instructions again Miss Hubba you will face consequences.”

Earlier in his argument, Hubba played a clip of Trump's video response to the first-trial ruling, in which he called the case a witch hunt and reiterated his denials about Carroll. Hubba also said Carroll's allegations were not true.

Kaplan admonished her for echoing his client's denials and instructed the jury to ignore them.

Hubba Jury said Trump did not respond to Carroll's story on “The Cut” in June 2019 — which included Carroll's allegations that Trump sexually assaulted him — for about five hours because “he was busy running the country.”

As he did during his testimony, Hubba discussed at length the negative social media messages Carroll received after his allegations were made public.

“This is the beauty and danger of free speech in America. President Trump has no more control over the thoughts and feelings of social media users than he does over the weather,” Hubba said.

Hubba also recalled Carroll showing the jury six threats related to Trump, later commenting, “It's me and President Trump on a good day.”

Kaplan cut her off saying the comment was inappropriate.

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