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River Hills golf club Chase the Ace ends with $635,362.75 win for Blair Churchill of Yarmouth


YARMOUTH, N.S. – For Blair Churchill of Yarmouth, this was one phone call that really paid off.

Churchill picked the ace of spades in the River Hills Golf and Country Club Chase the Ace on Saturday, Sept. 23, winning $635,362.75.

There were only four cards left in the deck of this fundraiser for the golf club.

Churchill was contacted by phone after his winning ticket number was pulled. Because he wasn’t present in Clyde River, a proxy put their finger on the card Churchill chose over the telephone, which he indicated was the top left hand card. It took four attempts for the proxy to put their finger on the correct face-down card that he had selected. When her hand finally settled on the top left card Churchill was asked, is that the correct card? He simply answered, "Sure." Then he said, "Yep, that's the one."

It was the one indeed.

Becase he had to work Sunday, he would be in later at the day at golf club to pick up his cheque.

If he hadn’t chosen the ace, he would have won $58,694.

There had been $293,471 in ticket sales leading into the Sept. 23 Chase the Ace. Tickets sell for a dollar each.

This was the second big ace to be caught in southwestern Nova Scotia during the same week. On Sept. 20, with eight cards remaining, Madonna Comeau Quilty of Clare successfully picked the ace of spades in the Meteghan Fire Department Chase the Ace. With that she won $595,390.80. During the past week leading up to this Chase the Ace, $145,793 worth of tickets had been sold. Our newsroom has been told that one of the first purchases she made was a new bicycle that she used in Sunday’s, Sept. 24, Gran Fondo Baie Ste. Marie bicycling event.

Of course, aside from the two people who won the big jackpots, these were incredibly successful fundraisers for the River Hills Golf and Country Club and the Meteghan Fire Department who were huge winners as a result of these fundraisers. We'll have another story soon about how the money will benefit these organizations.

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