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Madison Amero crowned 2018 Digby Scallop Queen

DIGBY, N.S.- Madison Amero has been crowned the 2018 Digby Scallop Queen.

Amero decided two years ago that she wanted to run to be Scallop Queen, after her daughter was born during Scallop Days.

“I’m so excited to be taking on this next role of my life, I can’t wait to begin my duties as the Queen.”

Amero was crowned queen and Taylor Wood was announced as the first lady in waiting, at the Queen’s Coronation on Aug. 9.

The 20 year old tries to be a strong role model for her daughter. Amero hopes that one day she might follow in her foot steps to become Digby’s Scallop Queen.

“I look at her every day and she’s like my little role model. She pushes me really hard, and just to see her smile, it lightens me up and I know that when she grows up, she’s going to look at me and be like, ‘My mom did this’,” Amero said in her speech.

Amero was sponsored by O’Neil’s fisheries and her first lady in waiting, Taylor Wood, was sponsored by the Digby Fire Department.

Both ladies will parade throughout Digby during the Scallop Days festival and Amero will go on to compete in the Apple Blossom festival, for the role of Queen Annapolisa.

During Amero’s reign as Scallop Queen she plans to encourage more girls to get involved in the competition, do more community work and help clean up garbage from around the County.

“I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. Last night I was finishing my speech and it hit me, this is really happening,” said Amero.

Amero is a proud fisherman’s daughter and expressed her thanks to the fisherman in Digby County during her coronation speech. Without the seafood industry, Digby would not be the town it is today, and festivals like Scallop Days would not exist, she says.

“Working on the ocean is more than just making a living, it’s a lifestyle that has been passed down through generations.”

“Growing up in Digby has been a wonderful journey itself. Watching boats go out to see, making a living for our families. Smelling the fresh beach smell, this is what I call home,” she says.

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