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Enter if you dare: Clark’s Harbour haunted house featured on TV show, planning special spooky tours

A museum, located in an old house in Clark's Harbour, will be transformed this month into a Halloween haunted house that is sure to get visitors screaming in fear.

While the effort and craftsmanship that goes into setting up each year is nothing short of amazing, the museum on its own has a scary enough history to make visitors recount tales of a haunted resident.

This will be the sixth year for the Clark's Harbour Haunted House tour, but area residents aren't the only ones interested in the spooky spot. The museum opened its doors last month for a private tour by former Barrington cinematographer, Dillon Garland, who is filming Haunted, a Nova Scotia television series co-hosted by Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens.

Haunted Productions Inc. had heard whispers about the museum's ghost, Myrtle.

"Rumour has it," says haunted house organizer, Shannon O'Sullivan,  "there is a painting of a little girl that hangs in the museum, that she has been seen throughout the house."

Old, tinkling music would play in the museum, but when investigated, no source could be found.

Neighbours of the museum would say they could see a small child peering out attic windows when the museum is locked up tight after opening hours.

The Haunted television series duo decided to stay the night to film their experience. They're staying quiet about it until the series airs on Eastlink TV this month.

"Not too many haunted house tours have ghost hunters come through," says O'Sullivan.

Despite the actual haunting, she says the team has been working hard to set up the haunted house since the beginning of September.

They have a team of 35 cast members who are coming on board to play creepy and frightening roles.

"It's so scary, we don't need a theme," says O'Sullivan.

In fact, it's so scary she won't even go through the haunted tour herself.

"I'm in it but I can't go through it or else I'd be on the floor crying," she laughs.

She says often, that's the disappointing aspect of creating such a scary haunted house.

"Everybody runs through screaming - they don't get a chance to see all the time we spent on the details of the haunted house," she says.

She says they run, close their eyes or curl up on the floor, but rarely take the time to look around. But, she admits, it could be the masked man with the chainsaw causing those issues.

The recommended age to tour the haunted house is 12 and up, depending on the child.

But don't fret - there will be a special night just for children that will be lights on with a special treat bag at the end.


If you go: Tours will be held on Oct. 24, 27, 28 and a special finale on Oct. 30. Cost is $8 to enter and tours run from 7-9 p.m. at the Seaside Heritage Hall, 2773 Main St., Clark's Harbour. Children's night is Oct. 26 from 6-8 p.m.



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