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‘Barrington is a little secret hideaway’


BARRINGTON - The owners of a new business venture say they have found the perfect spot to provide a new service for Barrington-area customers.

Maritime Self-Storage opened its operation on Sept. 19.

“We found Barrington was the perfect spot,” said Randy Foubert, owner of the new facility. 

He and his wife are teachers and wanted to plan ahead for their retirement.

“In our research, we found that it was one of the biggest communities in all of Canada that didn’t already have a facility,” he said.

He said it was smooth sailing setting up shop in the Barrington Passage Business Park. The new facility is located at 294 Stirl’s Road.

The facility provides dry, secure storage for household goods and for small businesses that require extra space for inventory or supplies. Units range in size from five-feet by 10-feet to 10-feet by 20-feet.

Larger units can store items as big as cars, boats or ATVs.

“The national trend of an aging population has resulted in a generation of baby boomers who have spent a lifetime collecting material goods as well as being caretakers for material goods handed down by aging parents,” said Foubert.

The couple is in their mid-40s and are still going strong in their career but are eying the Barrington area to retire to.

“I think Barrington is a little secret hideaway that the rest of the province doesn’t know about,” said Foubert.  “(People) don’t realize how vibrant the area is.”


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