Browns’ Nick Chubb taking knee rehab ‘day by day,’ ‘part of the game,’ says Minka Fitzpatrick

Chubb enjoyed career highs in rushing attempts (302) and rushing yards (1,525) and tied his career-best touchdown mark (12) in 2022 before playing just two games last season. night game last season. He rushed for 170 yards on 28 carries and caught four passes for 21 yards in those first two contests.

The four-time Pro Bowl admitted it was difficult “not being able to play the game with your guys” again, but thanked the Browns for sticking with him after the devastating setback.

“Definitely a blessing,” he said. “They could have drained me and hung me up, OK, but they did a great job. I want to be here in Cleveland — and they know that — so we’re in a big position.”

Is it possible to return 1 week? No one knows yet, but what a story it will make. It’s already set to be a high-energy atmosphere at Cleveland Browns Stadium on the opening Sunday of the 2024 NFL season, with Tom Brady expected to be FOX’s play-by-play analyst for the inaugural game.

Seeing Chubb run out of the tunnel before a game, whether it happens in Week 1 or later, can bring the house down. Browns fans love Chubb, and the feeling appears to be mutual.

“It’s a privilege to play this game,” he said. “You can’t take it for granted because in one play, everything can be taken away. I’ve been blessed to have so much support from Cleveland, the fans, my friends, family, to lift me up and keep me going.”

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