Brandon Staley never came back after this colossal bust in Vegas

A group of people take a trip to Las Vegas and lose everything they own, a story as old as time. This time the group of men in question is none other than the hapless Los Angeles Chargers, who have not ended any chance of putting together a respectable performance before the end of the season.

The Raiders, starting with fifth-round rookie quarterback Aidan O’Connell, ripped off 49 straight points before the Chargers scored a touchdown with 10 minutes left. Third Thursday night Cal. The Chargers have no Justin Herbert, no defense, no ball protection, and now, they have no reason to bring back head coach Brandon Staley after a 63-21 loss.

Staley noted that he still has a gripe with the team’s culture after the Week 12 loss to the Ravens. ESPN’s Kris Rhim reported During the game. Staley said his team would be “blown out of the water” if he was tuned out. ok It happened.

The Raiders (6-8) and interim head coach Antonio Pierce were up 42-0 before halftime. The game wasn’t close at any point except for a 0-0 opening point. The Chargers (5-9) were so embarrassingly embarrassed on the national stage that there was no way to recover. Offense, defense, special teams — every unit had a disastrous performance that led to this historic loss against a team in the midst of its own tumultuous season. It’s hard to care more about winning than the Chargers did during Thursday night’s blowout.

Head coach Brandon Staley and the Chargers suffered a humiliating 63-21 loss against the Raiders on Thursday night. (Photo: Sean M. Hafey/Getty Images)

In a sense, this loss is a freebie for the Chargers. There is no hiding from such failure. It’s impossible to spin this in a positive way to keep a shred of hope alive for Staley’s (and general manager Tom Delesco’s) job prospects after the season. This was the green light they needed to rip off the Band-Aid and find out who would replace Staley. It didn’t miss a tough game with the Ravens or a shootout with the Lions — allowing 60-a-piece for a team about to enter a long rebuilding phase.

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“Games like this happen in the NFL,” Staley told reporters postgame.

Actually, that’s not a decision that happens very often in the NFL. Since the 1970 combine, there have been only nine games in which a team has scored 60 points — tied for 10th (and second this season). Backup quarterbacks and injured safeties play every week, but they don’t give up this kind of result. In the Chargers’ slump this season, they have a pivotal moment that should be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Staley said he deserves to keep his job After the loss, he said, “I know what I’ve done here for three years, I know what I’ve done in this, I know we’re capable of going. I know what kind of coach I am.”

Extenuating circumstances do not matter. It’s time to turn the page. Even if Staley isn’t fired immediately after the game and gets the final three games of the season, this game will likely be the main reason why the Chargers should let him go on the infamous Black Monday after Week 18. Come back from such a completely uninterested team — and he’s not even remotely close to figuring out how to move the Chargers’ defense in the right direction as he did as coordinator with the Rams.

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It’s over here. There should be some peace in it. It doesn’t look like it’s all over for the Chargers moving forward. They’ll have to overhaul their roster to get under the salary cap and have a player in free agency, but they’ll get Justin Herbert next year along with five draft picks. There are worse places for a new regime to happen, but the Chargers are in this position because Staley was a head coaching staff.

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Good luck next year, Chargers. At least you can say you won’t be giving up 63 points next season. It’s all about the small wins—that’s all they have left after a depressing night in Vegas.

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