Beyoncé’s movie gets special rules for AMC ticket buyers, backlash occurs — deadline

Lessons from Taylor Swift Eras Tour The film is being used for new Beyoncé screenings. That rubs some people the wrong way.

AMC has released a list of “helpful tips” designed to set expectations for prospective moviegoers. Already, the list is drawing a skeptical eye from social media, with users wondering if the same standards apply to other concert images.

“We want to see your amazing clothes!” The site report said. “Feel free to take selfies and group shots, celebrate the event and the beautiful ensembles you’ve created, but please do not take pictures or record while the film is playing. Be sure to post your photos on social media with #RENAISSANCETHEFILM.

But the news from there dampens the excitement a little.

“Please remember that if parts of your clothing block other viewers from the screen, remove them when the film starts (eg headgear, wings, etc.) and masks (other than standard masks used expressly for health and safety). reasons) are not allowed.

It continues, “You know the words, you know the choreography — sing your heart out, but respect each other’s space with the theater equipment. Do not dance on the seats or block other guests from seeing, walking safely, or leaving the auditorium.

AMC News advises, “Get comfortable before going crazy. Save your energy once inside the Renaissance View Room. We want to make sure other AMC guests enjoy the movie-going experience as much as you do.

To go to the bathroom before the film, the message ends. And tickets are non-refundable.

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Some viewers were not happy.

“Did they post the same warnings before the Swift concert pic?” asked user Mike Given.

“And they wonder why people don’t go to movie theaters anymore,” said user Punks Ted. “Give the people what they want. People sang and danced when we released the great movie Punk’s Dead. It was wonderful.”

IM Herr also screamed. “Can’t stop the police, can’t stop, don’t stop. ‘Help, the movie industry is under attack. Buy our tickets. No, not you. The one behind you.’

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