A grand jury to handle possible indictments in the Trump 2020 impeachment is set to be selected in Atlanta


A Georgia grand jury is expected to consider charges against the former president Donald Trump And his Republican allies trying to overturn the 2020 election are being elected in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis, an elected Democrat, Initiated investigation By early 2021, then Trump tried to shake off his defeat With a public and private pressure campaign targeting Georgia election officials, governor, legislators and prosecutors in the Beach State.

A Special grand jury Testimony was previously heard from 75 witnesses, including Trump advisers, his former lawyers, White House aides and Georgia officials. That group It issued a revised report with charging recommendations, which will soon be weighed by a new grand jury. Willis pointed to the final results May come next month.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney Addresses Atlanta-area residents who have been selected to serve on the grand jury.

“You get presentations from the lawyer… you all discuss it privately… you vote. If there is an actual bill, that creates a criminal case,” McBurney said Tuesday. “It’s a commitment of time. It’s a public service.”

The judge explained the basics of the legal process, including the important role played by the district attorney’s office in solving criminal cases.

“You’re a check to make sure everybody doesn’t go to trial, because that’s what the district attorney wants to do,” McBurney said.

Each participant will be paid $25 for showing up on Tuesday. Anyone sitting on one of two grand juries gets an extra $25 for each day of service.

Throughout the investigation, Trump has vehemently denied wrongdoing, as have his allies under scrutiny. The former president has He lashed out At Black Willis, he called her a “racist” and a “crazy Marxist.”

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Here’s what’s happening in court Tuesday:

The new grand jury term begins Tuesday in Fulton County, which includes most of Atlanta and some suburbs.

Two panels will be selected at the downtown Atlanta courthouse, and each panel will feature 26 people: 23 grand jurors and three alternates. One of these groups is expected to handle the Trump investigation.

McBurney He oversaw the special grand jury that gathered evidence in the Trump investigation and is expected to oversee the grand jury that makes indictment decisions in the case.

The pool of potential grand jurors is screened for scheduling conflicts and difficulties in serving. Cameras are allowed in the courtroom, although it’s unclear how much of the proceedings will be public.

President Joe Biden won About 73% of the vote in 2020 in Fulton County. It is a racially diverse county where half of the population is black.

All signs point to final charging results sometime in August.

Willis declared In August they asked judges to reduce in-person hearings due to remote working days for staff and safety concerns. Before her He alerted the local police Possible charges will be announced from July 11 to September 1.

For an indictment in the Trump trial, 16 of the 23 voting grand jury members must be present. Once that quorum is established, 12 votes are needed to submit an indictment.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is taking the possibility of high-profile charges very seriously. They sent teams to New York and Miami to study security protocols for Trump’s two previous investigations this year.

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quickly, Willis said He investigated “attempts to influence the administration of the 2020 Georgia general election.” His investigation has gradually expanded over the years and now covers a lot of land.

Willis has said his team is considering a wide array of possible crimes.

These include soliciting election fraud, making false statements to state and local bodies, conspiracy, fraud, breach of oath and engaging in election-related threats.

CNN reported In March, prosecutors pursued charges of fraud and conspiracy.

Prosecutors have announced that some key players are targets of the investigation. This includes Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani And 16 GOP activists who served as “dummy voters” including Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Last year, the investigation revealed many fake voters They decided to cooperate With lawyers.

03:21 – Source: CNN

Hear what a Georgia judge’s grand jury report has to say about Trump and the 2020 election

After Trump lost the Georgia election, he started A multi-pronged effort To change the results. That included a pressure campaign targeting key state officials who oversaw the election, including Republicans Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. Trump wanted them to abuse their power “Find” enough votes To overturn the results, or prevent Biden from receiving a certificate of victory. They refused.

When these efforts failed, Trump urged Georgia state lawmakers Call a special session To overturn Biden’s victory. Trump allies, including Giuliani, made bogus claims of voter fraud in the state House and Senate. The Trump campaign, along with outside lawyers who championed their cause, Filed incompetent cases It tried unsuccessfully to overturn Biden’s victory.

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At the same time, Trump tried to weaponize the judiciary Help him meddle in the Georgia election. He tried to deceive top Justice Department officials and federal prosecutors in Atlanta by falsely claiming the election was “corrupt” and that Biden’s victory was tainted by massive fraud.

The Trump campaign hired a group of GOP activists to act as fake voters in Georgia. Seven State Plan To undermine the Electoral College process. These fake voters played an important role In Trump’s dastardly plot to block a certified election on January 6, 2021.

There were attempts By Trump supporters Violating the voting system In Georgia, hoping to prove the election was rigged and somehow put Trump in office. Some Trump supporters are also said to be He tried to pressurize Fulton County Elections Clerk Falsely agree In 2020, there was a big scam.

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