9-year-old boy dodges bullets during Fort Worth drive-by shooting

A 9 year old boy

Dodge bombs in a drive-by shooting

A 9-year-old boy in Texas had to fend off bullets from the comfort of his own home — as seen in harrowing new footage … and it’s a miracle he made it out alive.

Check out this home surveillance video captured in Fort Worth earlier this month — a drive-by shooting happened outside … sending 4 bullets into the apartment as the child chilled in bed.

In a flash, his house is on fire … and you can see the boy quickly sink under the arm before heading to his mom’s room. Being humble, he managed to avoid being attacked.

As horrible as it was on the inside…the outside was just as bad.

Six more people were injured — ages 3 to 19… A toddler suffered the most serious attack after being shot in a drive-by. Her 6-year-old brother was also hit…but thankfully both survived and are recovering from their injuries.

The moment these other youths were shot was also caught on camera and it was horrifying.

For the 9-year-old boy — who was inches away from becoming a victim — his response to the shooting was heartbreaking… he told FOX4“I was glad I wasn’t hit, but I felt bad for those kids who were hit. I was scared in those moments.”

Police have gotten their hands on some exterior surveillance footage, and it appears someone is firing from the back seat of a red Kia Soul.

No arrests have been made and it is unclear who may have been targeted.

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