Regional victors: Lockeport girls capture basketball title with dramatic finish

Published on March 1, 2016

Lockeport Senior Girls Basketball

LOCKEPORT - The gym was packed with screaming fans as the Lockeport Senior Girls Greenwave team took home a win that will go down in history during the regional championships, hosted by Lockeport from Feb. 19 to 20 against Drumlin Heights.

The score was 77 to 77 with only one-and-a-half minutes left to go on the clock.

Two of Lockeport’s main starters were benched from fouls and coach Julie Balish sent in Larissa Stuart to play the final moments of the game.

With only four seconds on the clock, Stuart scored a two-pointer to bring the win for the Greenwaves to the roar of the crowd.

Alyssa Young scored 28 points and Tiffani Latham with 21 for the high scores for Lockeport.

“It was a fantastic game for the coach and for the graduating girls last home game of their basketball career,” said Balish.

Balish has coached most of the girls since starting with them in Grade 2 and has decided to graduate with them by retiring from coaching basketball.