Valley Maple Leafs disappoint in latest effort: coach

Published on January 26, 2017

Alexander Shaw, No. 14 with the Valley Maple Leafs, looks for a chance to score. The VML lost 6-3 against the East Hants Penguins.

©Colin Chisholm

WINDSOR, N.S. - Josh Dill, the head coach of the Valley Maple Leafs, did not mince words when describing the team’s latest game on Jan. 22 against the East Hants Penguins, saying they were “basically playing pond hockey.”

The final score was 6-3 for East Hants, with the Penguins outshooting the Leafs 39-25.

Dill said he’s hoping to get the team back on track before the regular season is over.

“We’re in a strong spot, our division is fairly tight,” Dill said. “From first place to fifth, there’s only six or seven points between them. Every point counts.”

Dill said there were several shortcomings in the Leafs' game, including not finishing checks, not playing their positions correctly, not chasing the puck and a variety of small errors.

“Our guys did not show up to play whatsoever,” he said. “It was our worst game of the year. It seemed like they just didn’t want to play.”

The second period was full of penalties for both sides, with the Penguins receiving the majority of the infractions – a total of 16 minutes in penalties.

The VML picked up two power-play goals during the second period, but it wasn’t enough to hold back the Penguins.

Stuart Kennie, No. 11, keeps his eye on the puck during the game against the East Hants Penguins on Jan. 22.

©Colin Chisholm

The Penguins net gets crowded as Alexander Shaw, No. 14, looks for an opportunity to score.
Colin Chisholm

Dill said Tyler Young was a bright spot on the team, bringing his A-game to the ice.

“Even with the way we played, we still had a lot of scoring chances, but just didn’t follow through,” he said.

Scoring for the Leafs were: Nathan Clarke, Wesley Demone and Alexander Shaw. For the Penguins, Mark Vokey scored twice while single markers were added by Quinn MacDonald, Jamie McIntyre, Kyle Randall and Jeffrey Connors.

“We’ll regroup, give the guys a few days off and get back on the ice this week to practice,” he said. “There’s only eight regular games left before the playoffs.”

Dill said he’s optimistic that the team will get back on track.

The Leafs are presently still in first place in the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League.

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