Sidney Crosby on his plans for the Stanley Cup: 'A lotta things planned'

Published on July 14, 2016

Sidney Crosby takes a moment from coaching kids at his annual Hockey School to answer some questions from the media at Cole Harbour Place on Wednesday

©Sidney Crosby

COLE HARBOUR, NS - We know what Sidney Crosby will be doing with the Stanley Cup one day this weekend, when the hometown kid parades it through Cole Harbour, but he’s being tight lipped about his plans for his second day with the Cup.

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“I don’t know if I want to necessarily go into details, but we’ll have a lotta things planned,” Crosby said during a press conference at Cole Harbour Place on Wednesday.

“The biggest thing is I wanna enjoy it. It’s gonna go by quick, but you try to get it to as many people as possible, and let as many people enjoy it.”

Asked whether he’d be drinking beer from the Cup, Crosby said, “I thought that was automatic.”

“A lotta those things, they’re not planned. They’re just kinda random,” he said.

“Usually that kinda spur of the moment thing is what you end of remembering the most.”

In his own words…

On being home:

“It just feels right. Just being home around friends and family…Regardless of how busy you are, when you’re here, I think it’s just for whatever reason you just feel comfortable and you just feel relaxed. It’s why I come back every summer, and it’s exciting to see everyone. With having won, there’s a little bit more excitement too, which makes it a lot of fun…I think other than people kind of being really excited and wanting to know when the Cup’s coming, I think that it feels just like home, just like when you come back every year. But I think there seems to be a little more excitement with knowing that the Cup’s coming back and people are happy with the run and excited for it…Just being able to bring it home and reach as many people as possible, that’s kinda the goal.”

On the possibility of a street or Cole Harbour Place being named after him:

“I think it’s a compliment and I’m flattered by it. That’s up to other people. When I think of Forest Hills Parkway or all those things, that’s the way I remember it, but it may be different for others. Like I said it’s a compliment and I’m honoured by it, but I have no expectation either way.”

On the importance of the Sidney Crosby Hockey School:

“I have great memories of going to hockey camps, and regardless of whether you go on to play in the NHL, or even continue to play hockey next year, I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to come out and meet other kids, learn a little bit about the game, all the things that are great about it. But a big part of the camp is just being active, and playing all kinds of sports. So hockey is the main focus for obvious reasons, but the feel is just to be active and try to have a great week and have as much fun as we can. Just kinda opening that up to kids and making sure that they have a great experience with it.”

On getting some rest this summer:

“It’s a pretty short summer. That’s the challenge I think for going deep into the playoffs, you’ve gotta find a way to kind of manage the work and rest at the same time. With the World Cup being right around the corner, it’ll be a busy summer, but I feel like a big part of why I come home is just you get that feel you’re relaxed even though you’re training. You’re around friends and family and you get away from it a little bit, and I think that’s important.”

On this year’s Team Canada for the World Cup:

“I think that passion is usually something that just comes along with wearing the Team Canada jersey. So regardless of when or where, that’s something that’s a given…We’ll have to find our own identity pretty quickly, but I would think that any team that’s gonna have success over that month or so is gonna have to get better and improve and it’s only a one game kind of scenario, so you have to execute pretty well.”