Young curlers learning about the sport in Shelburne

Published on January 22, 2017

Young curlers are learning the sport of curling at the Shelburne Curling Club.


SHELBURNE, N.S. – Youth in Shelburne have the opportunity to learn beginners’ skills in the game of curling.

Youth who are school aged from grades four to seven have been hitting the ice once a week in Shelburne to learn the sport.

“These are our future curlers right here,” says Nancy Thomas, who is the organizer of the lessons.

Thomas said the children learn the basics of curling, have fun, get active and meet friends along the way.

The program is in its fourth year.

“They have really been getting the hang of it and their skills have improved a lot,” she says.

Neve Pedro lines up the shot during practice.

The junior program runs from November until March each year.

Neve Pedro, 10, from Shelburne says she really enjoys curling each week.  This is her second year participating.

“I love it,” she says.  “I get to hang out with my friends and it’s just fun.”

Neve’s mom, Amanda Pedro, loves that her daughter is learning a new sport.

“We started during the spring family curling and Neve really enjoyed it,” she says.  “Since starting her skill has developed and she’s become more focused.”

She says as a bonus Neve and her dad get together to curl now and her new skills are giving him a run for his money.