Motocross excitement takes off

Published on May 1, 2017

Riders took to their bikes to race the first race for the season opener at the Clyde River Motocross Track and Trails.

There was excitement, high jumps, speed and spectators at the first race for the rebranded Clyde River Motocross Track and Trails.

This was the season opener and first race for track owner, Tyler Nickerson since he took over the business earlier this year.

“This is very much unique to the area,” said Nickerson.  “I always wanted to host a race and showcase the sport.”

There were 70 riders and Nickerson said the track was on perfect form.

“Overall it was at national caliper,” he said.  “The weather made the track mint.”

He said he Scott Brannen, Duane Mackay and Bobby Nickerson have been working night and day to prepare for the event.

Nickerson said there were no injuries from the race and that is usually unheard of.

“No one got lugged out by an ambulance,” he said.  He said it isn’t uncommon to see a rider crash and get a concussion or broken collarbone or wrist.

“The biggest danger is to get run over by another rider,” he said.  Nickerson planned his track to help prevent this from happening with flaggers at every blind corner ready to alert a rider that there is a bike down.

Nickerson said he has seen overwhelming support from the motocross community.

“The people in the motocross community are top notch,” he said.  “Children are well mannered, teens fist bump each other, it’s a tight knit community that is very heartwarming.”

He said the riders are some of the fittest athletes.

“It’s a hard sport,” Nickerson said.  “There’s nothing easy about it.  The endurance and conditioning it takes is unreal.”

He said there were riders that came to race from all over the Atlantic provinces.

Since the May 23 event, he hasn’t heard anything but positive feedback.

While there won’t likely be another race in the near future, Nickerson has a lot lined up for the season.

He is offering family memberships for $300 for 24 hour access to the tracks.

He also will hold ride days and is planning a learn to ride motocross for beginners of all ages.

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