Taking it to the board: Shelburne County Arena seeking new volunteers ahead of upgrades

Published on February 10, 2016

Manager of the Shelburne County Arena, Edgar Alison looks over the arena. 

©Amy Woolvett photo

SHELBURNE -  Over the past nine years, upgrades have been done to the Shelburne County Arena to improve appearance, accessibility, operational efficiency and general safety.

These improvements, however, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to revitalizing the facilities.

“It's an important part of the recreation infrastructure for residents for residents in both the Town of Shelburne and the Municipality of Shelburne,” said Shelburne County Arena president Tony Mahaney.

The next phase of upgrades to the arena, built in the 1970s, includes removal and replacement of of concrete surfaces, brine headers and tubing, dasherboards and safety glass, as well as the installation of subfloor heating to eliminate the annual heaving of the southeast corner floor.  The ice surface will be increased at this time, from the current 180 feet by 85 feet to the regulation 200 feet by 85 feet.

The extensive renovations are anticipated to exceed $1.5 million once completed.

Prior to beginning the Phase 3 Capital Upgrade, board members are being sought to “share their knowledge and expertise,” according to Mahaney.

“We want a strong board in place before beginning to move forward on this project,” said Mahaney.

The large project has created the opportunity for a variety of volunteer positions within the board, from the board's executive body, to managing social media, fundraising and grant proposal writing, project management and canteen operators.  Creative minds are also being sought to help develop program ideas to see the upgraded arena in year round use.

“If you want to dedicate some time to the arena then the team needs you!” says Mahaney. 

The chief requirement for volunteers is a commitment to ensuring the Shelburne County Arena remains the vital recreation facility that is has always been.  There's also room for youth volunteers.

Revitalizing the board is the first step towards commencing the upgrades.  Until that happens, there are concrete dates or schedules in place for the project. 

“The plan is to get the board in place first, then approach the municipality and the town,” said Mahaney. 

“We have a three- to four-year fundraising plan, but it's tentative.  We need to get the Town of Shelburne and the Municipality of Shelburne onboard, as they have been in the past,” said Mahaney.

“In the past, their commitment has been a year to year thing.  We want a commitment for the next three to four years so we can make our best plans,” Mahaney explained.

Interested volunteers can contact Tony Mahaney by emailing tmahaney20@gmail.com or calling 902 875-6535 on or before  March 7.  The arena board meets on the second Thursday of each month year round at 4:30 p.m.