Acadia games sell out in Digby - Basketball doubleheader raises $2,300 for high school mental health group

Published on November 4, 2016

DIGBY – The university basketball games at Digby Regional High School attracted a sold out crowd and raised $3,000 for students groups in Digby.

Organizers sold everyone of the 225 tickets for the Oct. 28 games between Acadia and Mount Saint Vincent.

The $2,300 from ticket sales went to the mental health support group at DRHS and another $700 from the canteen and 50/50 sales went to the high school basketball program.

[Acadia and Mount St. Vincent playing for mental health fundraiser at DRHS, Oct. 10]

Organizer and town councillor Mike Bartlett is a member of the Digby Clare Mental Health Volunteers.

He says this was the first event put on by that organization and it turned out great.

“We’re grateful to the local businesses that sponsored it and all the people who came out for the games. The crowd was great and everyone seemed excited to see this caliber of basketball and they want to know when we can do it again.

“There were a lot of Acadia alumni there and a lot of kids. They were really excited, looking for autographs and posing with the mascots. Everyone stuck around right to the end so they must have been having a good time.”

Acadia won both games. The Axemen won 86-62 and the Axewomen won 86-60.

Len Harvey, head coach of Acadia University’s women’s basketball team said his team had a great time in Digby.

“Thanks so much for hosting us tonight,” wrote Harvey in an email to Bartlett. “You and your crew did a fantastic job, the girls were raving about it. I hope things went as you had hoped, it was a great crowd and an awesome experience. Thanks again for having us.”

Mark Forward, head coach of the Mount Saint Vincent women’s team said his athletes learned the importance of giving back and how much effort goes into putting on such events.

“We really appreciate the experience and hope we can help again down the road,” said Forward.

And the relationship between the university teams and Digby isn’t over yet; the DRHS junior girls will be taking part in a clinic with Acadia players and coaches on Nov. 19.

After the clinic the Digby girls get to watch two more university level games as the Acadia men’s and women’s teams play a doubleheader against the teams from University of New Brunswick.