International Dory races set for Saturday

Published on September 15, 2010
dory races


Queen of Hearts Dory Club will be holding the 12th Annual International Iron Man Dory Race on Sept. 18, starting at 6 a.m. from the western side of the Cape Sable Island Causeway.

The 24.67-mile course circumnavigates Cape Sable Island and challenges the rowers' skills and endurance even on a fine day --not considering the extra challenges that foul weather can provide.  

Participants who require a chase boat are asked to make arrangements or let the club know before the event.  Call Rob or Nicole at 745-1428.

Queen of Hearts dory club was formed in 1997 to provide recreational dory rowing opportunities in Shelburne County and to promote the tradition of dory rowing and racing. 

 Throughout the summer the club has been inviting locals and tourists to enjoy a "Fun Night of Rowing"  every Tuesday night starting at 6pm at the Causeway.


Official Results from Lunenburg qualifiers;

 1st Place Teams represent Canada At The International Dory Races

 Juniors Division

1st Ashton Langille , Scott Tanner Time 6:36.66 of Lunenburg

2nd  Stefan Nickerson, Josh Atwood 6:37.37 Barrington



1st Dorthy Macdonald, Tim Miar 5:56.07, PEI

2nd  Cara Ross, Gary Sears 6:04.41,Clarks Harbour.



1st Kris Anne Keizer, Kelly George 6:00.00 of Lunenburg

2nd Place Natalie Jones , Nicole Jones 6:14.89, From Clarks Harbour.


Over 40 Mens

1st Walter Nickerson, Danny Moody 5:54.96 Lockport

2nd Place Tim Miar, Kenny Macdonald PEI, 5:55.50


Senior Mens  

1st Walter Nickerson, Danny Moody 9:31.64 From Lockeport

2nd Tim Miar, Kenny Macdonald 9:32.45from PEI.


Over 40 Womens Challenge

1st Shirley Robichaud, Susan Beaven 6:27.79

2nd  Galdys Collicut, Patianne Verburgh 6:30.02.