Long locks will be shorn during charity basketball game in memory of SRHS coach

Published on April 23, 2010
Steve Barron will have his long locks chopped on April 30 during a parent-student basketball match-up as part of efforts to donate money to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of former SRHS Senior Girls Coach Phil Callan. Greg Bennett photo

By Greg Bennett

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On Friday, April 30, Steve Barron will lose the locks he has been growing for the past six years.

The Shelburne dentist will have his head shaved and hair donated for making a wig for cancer patients in memory of former senior girls coach Phil Callan, who died late last year.

The ceremonial shaving will take place during the SRHS Senior Girls annual fun game versus parents.

Barron plans to play the game with a full head of hair until half time; during which the shaving will be held.

“I’ll be able to jump higher after that,” joked Barron, who will be playing the game against his daughter Heidi, among others. “There should be less wind resistance.”

For those unable to attend the game, senior girls’ team members will be accepting donations and donation jars have been placed in several local businesses.

Proceeds for the event will go to senior girls basketball at the school and the Callan family’s charity of choice.