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Yarmouth Woman convicted of animal cruelty for treatment of ill dog


Yarmouth, NS - A Yarmouth woman was fined $500 for failing to provide an animal with medical attention while it was ill.

Sunday Wallace, of Yarmouth was sentenced July 4, 2017 in Yarmouth Provincial Court.

In November 2016, an SPCA officer visited the home of Sunday Wallace after a complaint was made about a dog at the residence who was very thin and in extremely poor condition. The dog was suffering from a severe skin infection and needed immediate care. Wallace was ordered to have the dog treated by a veterinarian immediately, but later that day released the dog into the care of the NS SPCA.

The dog’s condition had progressed so far that it was decided euthanasia was the most humane option for the animal.

“This is an unfortunate, sad and preventable case that should have never happened,” said NS SPCA Chief Inspector Jo-Anne Landsburg. “I realize that not everybody can always afford veterinary care, but that does not take away our responsibility to properly care for our pets – their wellbeing is our responsibility. I am disappointed that a period of prohibition was not included as part of the sentencing.”

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