Kings County puppy theft victim desperate to know Budda Boy is safe

Published on June 8, 2017

Wolfville area dog breeder Karin Robertson is hoping someone will be able to inform her about the whereabouts of the Great Pyrenees pup she called Budda Boy.


GASPEREAU MOUNTAIN NS – Farmer and dog breeder Karin Robertson is desperate to know what happened to the Great Pyrenees pup she lost through fraud.

A Windsor man has been sentenced to 40 months in prison after five years of fraud-related crimes. Scott Gray, 42, pleaded guilty to paying for two of Robertson’s puppies with a cheque that bounced.
He later returned one of the animals and managed to obtain a $700 refund. Robertson was about to undergo cancer surgery at the time.
Robertson called the pup Budda Boy. He reminded her of the pup’s father, because he had the same size, beauty and gentleness. Apparently, Gray had named him Bear.
Gray arrived the night before Robertson’s cancer surgery was scheduled in September 2015 and she recalled, “He seemed personable. He said he was used to big dogs.”
She knew it was risky taking a cheque for $1,500, but she was preoccupied with her health. Three days later, while Robertson was still in the hospital, Gray returned one of the fluffy, white pups. Her daughter, who lives in Toronto, was looking after the farm and was unaware that the original cheque had bounced. So she refunded his money.
Robertson said she had discussed her cancer with the man and says he was aware that she was facing surgery.
“That’s what makes this more deplorable,” says Robertson. “He knew I was pretty vulnerable.”
Last January, she told the Valley Journal-Advertiser, “I worry about that dog. Is he treating it well? Hopefully, I get my puppy back.”
Robertson was not in the Dartmouth courtroom when Gray was sentenced recently, but she did provide a victim impact statement. She has not been able to learn anything about Budda Boy’s status or whereabouts.
“I don’t know where he is,” the breeder said. “I don’t understand why they can get a (stolen) TV back and they can’t seem to get any information about him. It’s pretty discouraging.”
Robertson still holds out hope.

“It would be nice to track that pup down. It would be the biggest gift. I know I’ll never get my money back.”
Neither the RCMP or the Nova Scotia SPCA have any information on Budda Boy.