Valentine’s Day weather worries Shelburne florist

Published on February 13, 2017

Carol Rhuland, owner of Thistle Do Nicely floral shop in Shelburne, trekked through a winter storm to reach her store Feb. 13. She's worried that continued bad weather will impact her sales on Valentine's Day.


SHELBURNE, NS - A Shelburne County flower shop owner is used to giving special deliveries, but she isn’t impressed with the gift Mother Nature has given back during her busiest time of the year.

Carol Rhuland trekked through the snow to work in the middle of a Feb. 13 storm, fighting the strong winter winds the whole way.

“I have to be here,” she said.  “I can’t not be here.”

Rhuland owns the Thistle Do Nicely floral shop in Shelburne.

She typically sells anywhere from 75 to 100 bouquets on Valentine's Day, and had hoped to do a similar amount of business this year.

But recent weather reports indicate the stormy weather will continue throughout the night, with snowfall amounts possibly totalling 30 to 60 centimetres by morning.

Rhuland had to cancel deliveries for now and said all orders should be picked up at her shop in Shelburne instead.

“I hired a driver but I’m really nervous to send her,” said Rhuland.  “I’ve decided to call off deliveries until the roads become passable.”

Normally, Rhuland has help nearing Valentine's Day, but her staff was unable to get out of their driveways.

She said most of her customers on Valentine's Day are husbands or boyfriends, with most using the walk-in option rather than opting for the delivery service.

“They win a lot of brownie points when they walk through the door with an armful of fresh flowers,” said Rhuland.

She is worried the storm will keep her customers away.

“Hopefully, I do sell all my flowers,” she said.  “I’m a little worried no one will show up and I will have a crazy amount of products left over…they are all perishable.”

Despite her worries, she continues to work away and will stomp through the snow on Valentine's Day to brighten someone else’s day in a storm.