Shelburne Guild Hall not ready for farmers' market

Published on March 23, 2016

Demolition of the Guild Hall in Shelburne. A new building that will replace it won't be ready in time for the farmers' market so alternate arrangements being made.


SHELBURNE – The Shelburne Guild Hall will not reopen in time for the farmers’ market season as initially anticipated.

The Town of Shelburne had hoped that the construction of a new Guild Hall near the Shelburne waterfront would be built by this spring.

Instead, the construction is not expected to be completed until mid-summer.

The demolition of the Guild Hall has been completed and the design will be completed over the next few weeks. 

 Dylan Heide, the CAO for the town, said the construction won’t begin until late May or early June of this year.

Heide said they had hoped to have the project completed in time for the Shelburne Farmers’ Market in May. Instead, Heide said, they have taken considerable effort to accommodate the farmers’ market, as well as other festivals and events that utilized the space.

“We have reached an alternative arrangement,” said Heide.

Along Dock Street there is a green space owned by the Shelburne Historical Society that the town will make available to the farmers’ market, as well as any other events.

Currently there is a gravel parking lot along the space.  The town has plans to relocate boulders along the area, as well as a fence built as a movie prop for the Scarlet Letter.

“There is no intention on losing any parking spaces,” said Heide.

The Guild Hall project included the purchase of event tents for extending the Guild Hall space.  The town has decided to purchase these tents within the next month or so for use by the farmers’ market free of charge.

The town hoped to purchase two event tents that could serve as a space for the farmers’ market and any other events typically reserved for the Guild Hall.

The town is still seeking an alternative space close to a power source for Founder’s Days festivities and a bandstand.

“There are a number of events that use the Guild Hall space,” said Heide. “We want them to be accommodated and there will be no cost to use the tents this year.”

He does ask that the town be informed ahead of time of events needing the tents.

“We will erect them for the season and take down when there are weather warnings,” he said.  “We will make sure they are up and available for the last week of May.”

The town had put out the tender call in December for the demolition of the Guild Hall.

The new building will replace what was once a former movie prop for the Scarlett Letter but had become a meeting place, concert venue, and site for the farmers' market throughout the years. The farmers' market typically saw around 20 vendors.

The Guild Hall that has been demolished was not meant to withstand time and the town decided to construct a new building with the same feel and a deeper function. It was previously reported that the town is paying for half of the $300,000 budget of the new structure while ACOA had stepped in to cover the other half.