Girls find message in bottle on Seal Island

Published on September 10, 2015

CLARKS HARBOUR -A trip to Seal Island for three Barrington-area girls became a little more interesting last week after they discovered a note inside a bottle along the shoreline


Every summer Victoria Messenger goes to the island with family members and she usually brings along a few friends. This trip, she had Kaydence Williams and Chloe Perry along for the three-day visit last week.

They were collecting bottles along the shoreline when they noticed the note inside a small plastic bottle that had been collected by Kaydence.

The note, written on the backside of a business card for a fishing tour boat, included a handwritten description of where and when the bottle was tossed overboard by the tour boat captain more than a year ago off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Of course, the girls grabbed a cell phone and called the number on the card right away.

They were somewhat surprised when they were immediately connected with Master Captain Mike Abdow, the man who wrote the note.

He had a few questions for the girls, including asking where Seal Island was. He was also curious about the date on the note because he had released more notes in July and hadn’t expected a note from more than a year ago to turn up instead.

Victoria says the note is one of the many interesting items that sometimes wash up along Seal Island, which is also know for its sheep, a lighthouse and of course, seals.

“Someone even made a chair of whale bones,” she noted.