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Auxiliary constables connecting community, police

Published on December 31, 2015

Const. Kimberly Nippard gets ready to take a drive with Mark Doane, one of the auxiliary constables with the Shelburne RCMP.

Amy Woolvett photo

A select group of local community members have stepped up to serve the through the Auxiliary Constable Program as a complementary support for the RCMP.

Mark Doane is one of the auxiliary constables with the Shelburne RCMP.

To join he had to go through rigorous training and took part in an application procedure that took around six months to complete.

Like all auxiliary members he is an unarmed, unpaid, uniformed RCMP volunteer.

He can often be found riding along with a member of the detachment in the community. Auxiliaries are required to commit to 160 hours a year of volunteer hours but Doane serves more than twice the amount of hours he is asked.

Doane started as a volunteer with the RCMP in 2012.

“I was 26 years in the military and when I retired there was a big gap for me,” he said.

His volunteer work with the Barrington and Area Ground Search and Rescue exposed him to working closely with the RCMP and he says it was an easy leap to make.

His knowledge of the area is invaluable and often Doane will pair up with new members arriving to Shelburne to help show them the ins and outs of the community.

“He’s an extra set of eyes and ears,” said Const. Kimberly Nippard, who leads the auxiliary program for Shelburne RCMP.

Doane, and other auxiliary constables like him, are proving to be invaluable to RCMP.

They take part in RCMP supported community events and programs, crime prevention initiatives within schools, traffic control, ground patrols, search and rescue, parades and other ceremonial events.

They also have the same power to arrest as an RCMP member.

At traffic stops, Doane assists in locating contraband items and can be called to testify in court.

Currently there are two auxiliary members at the Shelburne Detachment with the possibility of more being added.

“I love the auxiliary program,” said Const. Nippard.  She said there was a lot to be thankful for with Doane.  “He puts in a lot of hours…it’s quite an accomplishment.  The community should love him for this after all it’s free.”