Town of Shelburne considering exotic animal bylaw

Published on December 28, 2015

People have some strange pets which sometimes leads to problems like this loose cheetah in British Columbia. The Town of Shelburne is considering an exotic animal bylaw to help deal with these animals.

SHELBURNE -While there hasn’t been any loose cheetahs roaming Shelburne streets like in Kootenay Bay, B.C., last week, the Town of Shelburne has proposed a bylaw to protect residents against some exotic pets.


There is currently no exotic pet bylaw for the town.

“As exotic pets are becoming more common place and many municipalities are enacting by-laws for the safety of the public and animals,” stated the special staff report to council. 

An exotic animal includes all animals not considered native to Nova Scotia.

It will be an offence against this by-law to bring into the town, possess, have the care or control of or harbour a prohibited animal unless duly licensed to carry on an exhibition or other itinerant amusement performance or educational display/workshop/session.

If an owner is in possession of an exotic animal they shall ensure that the animal(s) is kept in a secure enclosure.

As well, the town many without notice or complaint seize an exotic animal and turn it over to an approved agency should the animal pose an immediate threat or not be in proper care or control of the owner.

A prohibited animal is all exotic venomous (including those with toxins removed) snakes, arachnids and reptiles, as well as non-poisonous snakes whose expected adult length is two metres (six feet) or more.