Shag Harbour UFO Museum will reopen next summer

Published on October 14, 2014
After months of uncertainty, it appears the Shag Harbour Incident UFO Museum will reopen next summer. 

SHAG HARBOUR -After months of uncertainty, it appears the Shag Harbour Incident UFO Museum will be able to reopen next summer. 

Incident Society secretary Cindy Nickerson said that due to government grant cutbacks, that members had reason to be concerned for the future. 

“However with hard work and determination we are looking forward to another year,” she reported.

 The unique small town museum tells the mysterious story of the 1967 UFO sighting off Shag Harbour, which centers around reports of a low flying object crashing into the water. The object was seen by more than a handful of witnesses and was the subject of a front-page article of the provincial newspaper and remains a source of controversy and mystery to this day.

It is also an incident that continues to be written about and featured on television and film.

Because of the funding crunch though, the museum was closed almost every Monday and Tuesday this summer. Members also say they were unable to stay open as long into October as usual.  Only one student position is funded for the museum to cover 35 hours a week from June to September, leaving the museum closed the days the student is not working.

The good news was in attendance. Almost 1,400 paying customers came through the doors.

 “So it was a good season for us,” said Nickerson.  “As usual, we had a great attendant, who worked hard on the museum and the festival events this year.”

 Suzie Atwood, Tourism Coordinator for the Municipality of Barrington said the news that the Incident Society would reopen was good for the area.

“It really is an important draw for the area,” she said. It is something unique we offer …no one else in Nova Scotia has a story like this.”

Events to raise funds for the museum are also set once again.

 The Incident Society will be hosting its annual Nashville Dreamin’ Concert for the second time.  It will be held Oct. 17, at 7 p.m. at the Community Hall in Woods Harbour. A lineup of local talent will portray their favorite star from Nashville. 

This year, the society has changed officers around.  The chairperson is Dorothy Nickerson - Vice Chair -Judy Watkins and Treasurer -Katherine Ross.