Update: Shelburne sharks are harmless plankton eaters

DFO scientist says they are Basking sharks

Published on May 30, 2014

Shelburners can go back into the water. Oh wait, it's too cold anyway.

A pair of large sharks captured on video by a local man are Basking sharks, completely harmless to everything larger than plankton.

On Friday afternoon, David Matheson posted a video of a shark that he estimated to be over 14 feet long. Matheson said there was another shark with the one he captured on video.

The video link was sent to a Fisheries and Oceans expert who IDed the shark.

Basking sharks are slow-moving filter-feeders. They can live as much as 50 years and grow as long as 12.2 m. The species can be found alone or in groups and appears to be segregated based on sex.

They are known to inhabit Nova Scotia shores between May and September.


 A screenshot from the video.