Final derelict boat taken from Shelburne Wharf

79-foot ketch removed on Monday

Published on March 18, 2014
Crews removed the 79-foot ketch Tyger 907 from Shelburne Harbour on Monday.
Don Faye

Shelburne’s derelict boat problem is over.

The last and largest of three derelict boats at the Shelburne Wharf was removed on Monday morning, March 17.

Unlike two other old boats at the wharf, the 79-foot, steel construction ketch Tyger 709 was not demolished but was brought on land to be stored. A bill for its removal is being sent to the boat’s Yarmouth owner.

The cost to remove the boat was $10,000.

CAO Dylan Heide said the Town no longer wanted to worry about these vessels potentially sinking at the wharf; and causing a much larger problem.

He also noted that the derelict vessels berthed at the wharf reflected poorly on the Town’s image.

The Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department had responded to numerous calls over the years from derelict boats taking on water at the wharf.

Every call involved hours of volunteer time to pump the leaky boats out and it was a headache the department no longer wanted.

The Tyger, the largest of the three vessels removed, was built in 1963 and displaces more than 130 tonnes.

Heide noted that all three vessels had been at the wharf for years and were substantially in arrears on berthage fees.

In the case of the two older fishing boats, Heide said the town had received no response from legal orders to move the vessels. In the case of the Tyger, there was a legal agreement between the town and the owner, so it was not destroyed and will be stored on land.