Move to clear bags sees big drop in eastern Shelburne garbage

Garbage reduced by 60 tonnes

Published on March 12, 2014
Waste Diversion Coordinator Val Kean.

By Amy Woolvett

In one month there has been a drastic drop in garbage in the wake of a program introducing clear bags in eastern Shelburne County.

With only one month of numbers tallied, it shows a drop of 59.74 tonnes of garbage for the joint services area including the Town of Shelburne, Lockeport and the Municipality of Shelburne.

“We are going down …like a straight line down,” said Valeria Kean, waste diversion coordinator for Joint Services.

Even recyclable has seen a drop in weight, something Kean attributes to people paying closer attention to their waste and properly rinsing out their recyclables before heading to the curb.

She also said the dialogue on trash talk has been opened up through social media sites like Facebook where people have been finding answers to their questions.

“Everyone knows why we are doing this but there are still lots of questions,” said Kean.  “Everyone has been positive.”

While garbage and recycling numbers are down; compost weights are up by 15 tonnes and Kean has been busy introducing interested locals on backyard composting.

To keep up the progress, the municipality has hired on a curbside inspection and bylaw enforcement position. The employee will be checking over trash and recyclables to make sure everything is sorted correctly.

“We have been putting rejection stickers on bags and following up in person why they get rejected,” said Kean.

Overall, Kean was happy with the initial results.

“Keep up the great work,” she said.