Open houses set for new Shelburne senior's housing complex

Published on February 27, 2014

By Amy Woolvett

Work to finish the Harbourside Apartments in Sandy Point has kicked up a notch as the open house for the apartments near. 

The first open house will be held on March 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be held on March 15 and 29 at the same times.

“We were told everything would be completed and residents able to move in by that time,” said Joan Bower, chair of the Shelburne Independent Housing Initiative.

There has been a delay in finishing the apartments, which had been hoped to be opened this month.

“It has been difficult for so many different contractors to keep to the timelines they had,” she said.

But the end is getting near.

Bower said she couldn’t wait until the apartments are bustling with life and the construction is well behind them.

Walking through the doublewide hallways one sees row upon row of new appliances still in their wrappings, countertops that have never been used and brightly lit apartments glimpsing views of the harbour.

 “I can’t wait until the day people can move in,” she said.  “I’m glad we are finally almost there.”

She said in the three years since starting the initiative she has heard a lot of people tell her it can’t be done.

“People have said it all along but it can be done and we did it,” Bower said.  “Now people are telling us it can’t be filled but they will be.”

She said she expects it to take up to a year before plans for the second building can start.

The 40-unit complex ranges from one to three bedroom units.

The Shelburne Independent Housing Initiative in partnership with the Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes, used a site in Sandy Point overlooking the harbour.

The senior’s apartments are high quality units with two bedrooms in most, an elevator, sewing room, woodworking area, small library, community room and a recreation room.  Two of the units will be wheelchair accessible.

She said that they would be running the apartments at cost without profit.

The apartments will be open to independent seniors ages 60 and up.

The Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizen’s’ Homes Inc. will be providing the funds for construction. They are a non-profit charity that has built 11 similar facilities in Atlantic Canada.

Once the first building is fully occupied, phase two of the project will be initiated most likely for 2015.

Phase two includes a second 40-unit building linked to the first with the addition of food services for the tenants being offered.

Bower said people viewing the building and apartments should be pleased.