Flotilla continuing to grow

"We are coming to get you boys"

Published on February 21, 2013

By Amy Woolvett


A flotilla of fishing boats, has been joined by three more and are heading out to sea in an effort to find five missing Shelburne County fishermen

“We are coming to get you boys,” wrote Justin Malone on Facebook.

Asked what the mission for the flotilla was, Malone said “to find our friends and bring them home.”

Malone, aboard the Lady Faith, has just left from Wood’s Harbour for the 14-hour trip to where the Miss Ally was last reported to be seen.

“We left because we know that the men of the Miss Ally would have done the same for us,” he wrote.

He told this newspaper that there were divers aboard another boat who were also on their way to the site of the Miss Ally.

The Miss Ally was carrying five of their friends when it capsized Sunday night. 

After an extensive search in turbulent waters with 10-metre seas and hurricane force winds, search teams handed over the case to the RCMP as a missing persons case.

Families and the community have been pleading for the boat to be searched but are still awaiting a go from RCMP.

“We are just tired of getting no answer,” said Malone.

Two boat left the Woods Harbour wharf late Thursday afternoon; the Lady Faith and the Rachel Elizabeth. The fishing boat Crustracean Frustration left the Falls Point wharf a little more than an hour later which was also followed by an East Pubnico boat, the Slave Driver and 3 Generations.

George Hopkins, the father of missing fisherman Joel Hopkins, says a team of divers from eastern Nova Scotia are also on their way to search the Miss Ally.

Families of the five fishermen have been pressing for action to have the capsized boat searched by divers.

Hopkins was told it was too difficult and dangerous to either flip or search the vessel.

The RCMP has set up a command centre in Woods Harbour and was expected to decide its next actions later today.

The search for the 45-foot Miss Ally began Sunday night after an emergency locator beacon was activated at 11:06 p.m. about 120 kilometres south of Liverpool.

A life raft, spotted the next morning by and aircraft, was not seen again.