Wild wind topples Golden Arches in Barrington

Published on January 31, 2013
A wild wind toppled the Golden Arches sign at the Barrington McDonalds on Thursday afternoon.

The Golden Arches at the Barrington Passage McDonalds restaurant came tumbling down Thursday afternoon as an intense storm lashed the area with winds of more than 90 kilometres an hour.

Reached at the store, McDonald’s employees said there was no indication the large iconic sign was in any danger until someone told them it was on the ground.

While surveying the damaged sign, McDonald's owner Rod Rose said this was the first time he's lost the golden archs at either of his two franchises. "We've had damage to the signs before, broken panels that sort of thing,  but never the whole sign," said Rose.

Across Shelburne County there were reports of downed trees, tipped over garbage bins, shingles being stripped off roofs and other property damage from the gusty winds.

In Halifax, media were reporting that the storm caused the collapse of a house that was under construction.

Don Faye, the Shelburne Harbour Port Manager, said he was keeping a close eye on ships the wharf, noting rough condition within the harbour churned up from the wind.

 A wind warning, in effect thoughout most of the day, was ended by Environment Canada a few hours later.