Trevor Cunningham named acting superintendent

Published on June 8, 2011
Trevor Cunningham. TINA COMEAU PHOTO


By Tina Comeau



The Tri-County Regional School board has named a new acting superintendent to take over from a departing acting superintendent until a new superintendent is hired to replace its resigning superintendent.

Really, it’s not as confusing as it sounds.

Trevor Cunningham, the board’s director of programs and student services, will serve as acting superintendent of the school board, effective July 1, until a new superintendent is hired for the board.

Cunningham will be replacing Jim Gunn as acting superintendent. Gunn had been hired to fill the role temporarily while superintendent Phil Landry was on a medical leave of absence. Landry’s leave, and as a result Gunn’s acting position, was supposed to come to an end at the end of June.

But Landry, who is still on a leave of absence, recently resigned from the school board. His resignation becomes effective July 30. Landry is awaiting sentencing on a charge of impaired driving that is before the court.

The school board has initiated a process to hire a new superintendent. A selection committee for a new superintendent will be comprised of the school board chair and vice-chair, the chairs of the board’s standing committees and the regional education officer who represents the Department of Education.

The composition of that selection committee was approved at the school board’s June 7 meeting, as was Cunningham’s role as acting superintendent.