Abandoned fawn off to wildlife centre

Published on June 20, 2011
A fawn was waiting on a Shelburne couch last week to be picked up by officials from a wildlife centre. Photo by Greg Bennett


by Greg Bennett

The Coast Guard


A fawn, apparently abandoned by its mother along a Shelburne pathway, is being looked after at a wildlife rehabilitation facility to eventually be released back into the wild.

The fawn, discovered by people walking along the railway trail in Shelburne last week, was left alone for four nights and days on the advice of local wildlife officials.

Eventually it became clear that the fawn’s mother was not coming back, said Curtis MacDonald, of Shelburne, who brought the young deer inside and called in the Hope for Wildlife Centre for assistance.

Hope Swinamer, the centre director, said the fawn was adapting well to its new surroundings at the wildlife centre in Seaforth and would likely be released with a group of other fawns brought in over the spring.

In most cases Swinamer says the fawns are abandoned because their mothers have been hit by a car or become incapacitated or killed in some other way.

In the spring, fawns often are left alone for extended periods by their mothers.

She says it is extremely important to call someone experienced with wildlife before taking action to "help" a fawn (or any wild animal).

More information on what to do can be found on the Hope for Wildlife centre’s Facebook page.

According to its Facebook page, Hope for Wildlife Society has grown to over 75 volunteers and rehabilitates over 1500 animals per year from all over the province.

Swinamer noted this was the second fawn the centre accepted from Shelburne County this year.