Coyotes causing concerns in Shelburne

Published on May 24, 2011
Coyotes have been sighted in several areas of the town, including near the McKay Library.


By Greg Bennett

The Coast Guard


Shelburne Town councillors are calling in conservation officers to deal with reports of groups of coyotes in the Town.

CAO Rhonda Henneberry said several citizens have seen coyotes near the McKay library and in other areas of the town.

Councillors called for intervention by Natural Resources officers.

“We need someone to trap them and move them out before something happens,” said Councillor Tony Mahaney.

Last year, the Department of Natural Resources implemented a program to deal with aggressive coyotes which threaten human safety. Since then, the department has investigated 104 reports of aggressive coyotes of which 19 situations required a response. A total of 30 coyotes have been removed as a result of trapping effort around these aggressive incidents.

According to the provincial Natural Resources Department people should not feed, touch, or photograph coyotes from close distances;

Other coyote safe tips include

-- removing self from the area by slowly backing away while remaining calm- do not turn and run;

-- using personal alarm devices to frighten or threaten the animal;

-- encourage the animal to leave (provide space, an escape route);

-- if animal exhibits aggressive behaviour -- then be larger and noisier by throwing sticks and rocks; and

-- fight back aggressively if the animal attacks.