Shelburne seeking performers for summer performance series at new Guild Hall

Published on March 19, 2017

New Guild Hall that's been under construction in Shelburne.

©Amy Woolvett

SHELBURNE, N.S. – As the town of Shelburne moves closer to the opening of its new Guild Hall, excitement is building and so too are opportunities for the new structure.

The town is looking to kick off a summer arts season at the new Guild Hall, which is located just off the town’s historic Dock Street. The town is accepting applications from performers interested in the chance to perform.

The town is looking for the following types of entertainment that is family friendly and showcases Nova Scotian talent:

• music, dance, performing arts

• roving entertainment (mobile and interactive)

• wild card (participatory, pop-up, playful, unexpected)

“We want to have a least a show a week that’s free to the public,” says Julie Ferguson, Shelburne town clerk and special projects coordinator.

“We’ve sent out some personal invitations as well as putting it out on Facebook,” she says. “Our first focus on one side is on community bands and things like that, so we’ve invited bands from Yarmouth and Bridgewater and Liverpool and from here and everywhere around that are community-based.

“We’re also looking for theatre stuff, or anything that’s free for the public to enjoy during the summer,” Ferguson says. “It’s exciting and we’ll see what we get.”

While the shows would be free to the public, honorariums will be paid to all selected performers and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Submissions to the town must include a description of the act or group, including performance history, preferred length of show, technical and stage requirements, and links to websites, videos or other relevant online content that helps to showcase the work of the person or group.

All submissions must be sent to the town by June 1.

The new Guild Hall has been undergoing construction since last year. The $300,000 project was financed equally through the town and ACOA.

The old structure, which was demolished, had started out as a prop building for the movie The Scarlett Letter. After filming wrapped up it quickly became a much-loved space for events, as well as a home for the farmers’ market.

But having been built as a prop, its construction was never meant to be permanent.

Hence the new structure.

Some of the features of the new facility are designed around past uses, in addition to other possible future uses.

The stage area of the new facility is large, accessible and has increased usability with the removal of some pillars from the design. A vaulted ceiling adds to the spacious feeling of the facility.

A grand opening of the new structure will be a weekend-long event planned for May 26-28.

(With files from Amy Woolvett)


To send a submission

All submissions must be sent to the town by June 1.

• Send to:

Julie Ferguson, town clerk/special events coordinator Town of Shelburne

168 Water Street

PO Box 670

Shelburne, NS

B0T 1W0