Love notes from around the world sweetens Valentine's Day for Barrington couple

Published on February 14, 2017

Someone in Italy holds up a Valentine for Barrington’s Nathan Mader from Sarah Davis…one of 60 Valentines from around the world.


BARRINGTON, N.S. – It’s no secret that Sarah loves Nathan. The Barrington, Shelburne County, woman decided to spread that message throughout the world in a special Valentine’s Day gift to her boyfriend.

At first Sarah Davis wasn’t looking to do anything special for Valentine’s for her boyfriend Nathan Mader.

“For Valentine’s Day we normally don’t do anything…just get a pizza,” says Davis.  “Valentine’s Day is every day for us. We don’t need a special day for it.”

But her love of Lululemon apparel sent things in another direction.

Actually, multiple directions.

Davis was on the Facebook group The Lulu Chat when the subject moved from athletic wear to Valentine’s Day. One woman in the group came up with the idea of a Valetines photo exchange for the people within the group.

Nathan Mader and Sarah Davis.

And so 100 or so people within the Facebook group took photos of love notes that talked about the loved ones of the other people within the group. The members in different parts of the world then exchanged the photos with one another. 

For instance, other people in the group were taking photos of a note to Nathan that read, “Sarah’s love for you is so big it has reached . . .” The person taking the photo would fill in the blank with the name of the country they lived in, and/or the specific place where the photo was taken.

Davis said the response to the idea within the group was overwhelming, although there was quite a bit of work to go with it.

“I ran out of markers,” she says.  “I took over 100 photos.”

She knew exactly where she would take photos of valentines for the others in the group and headed to the Sandy Point Lighthouse with love notes and a camera despite a windstorm and winter temperatures.

Within three weeks her Facebook filled up with valentine responses sent back to her from all over the world including New York, India, Spain and California.

By Valentine’s Day Davis she had received 60 photos from around the world telling her boyfriend how far their love had reached.

 “And they are still coming in,” she says.

For Valentine’s Day she printed off each photo of the notes and put them in an album to give to her boyfriend.

“It’s something neat and different,” she says.  Despite not having any children yet, she hopes to one day share the album with their children.

“So children can see the love their parents have for each other,” says Davis.  “I believe in that kind of stuff.”