Shelburne sitcom concept vying for CBC prize

Rally to support Scratch Tracks' bid set for Oct. 9

Published on October 3, 2014

: Ed Trevors (right) plays music producer Nathan Williams in the 90 second teaser for Scratch Tracks, a new sitcom concept born and set in Shelburne County. Alex Buchanan (left) and Rob Stork are two of three team members working on the concept. A rally in support of a bid to win half a million dollars toward production of a pilot for CBC will be held at the Osprey on Thursday, October 9, starting 7:30.

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SHELBURNE - A rally in support of a pitch to shoot a TV sitcom in Shelburne County takes place Oct. 9 starting at 7 p.m. at the Osprey in Shelburne.

Scratch Tracks is the creation of local writer Darcy Rhyno. He and two teammates, Alex Buchanan and Rob Stork, submitted the concept as an entry in the CBC Comedy Coup competition, which offers a top prize of $500,000 to produce a pilot slated for broadcast on CBC TV in 2015.

“It was hard work, getting our entry in on time,” says Rhyno, “but we had a blast, shooting the footage on the streets and in the studio. It wouldn’t have happened without the help of a lot of people willing to take time out to act, play music and in one case use their house as a set.”

The sitcom is set in a small town recording studio much like HarbourTone Productions, which is owned and operated by Buchanan. Rob Stork, a relatively new resident of Shelburne, brings his Emmy Award winning writing experience to the project, as well as production work with the Discovery and Disney channels.

In the sitcom, the studio is in the basement of the owner’s grandmother's home, two of the main characters in the story of a small town where everyone from the singing waitress to the rapping fisherman wants to be a star.

Success in the competition could mean big things for the county.

“If Scratch Tracks goes into production, it could mean dozens of new jobs and millions of dollars to our local economy,” says Rhyno. “Shelburne County knows how to shoot for film and television. This is a great opportunity to tap into our expertise in this business.”

Supporters and anyone else who wants to see TV production come to Shelburne County are invited to the rally Oct. 9. At the rally, organizers will show the 90 second “teaser” the Scratch Tracks team filmed as part of their entry, as well as a very funny set of outtakes and bloopers.

All those who attend are encouraged to bring laptops and phones because organizers will walk everyone through the procedure to register as a voter to support the bid. Advancement in the competition depends partly on the ability of teams to engage voters and attract their votes.

Those who cannot attend or otherwise wish to support the cause can visit the CBC Comedy Coup websitem and register to support and vote for Scratch Tracks as it advances through the CBC’s sitcom production competition.

Fans can follow Scratch Tracks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, as well as through the Comedy Coup website.

Organizers are also promising a few surprises during the evening. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.. Admission is free.