"Welkum" changes coming to park

Published on February 4, 2013

Crew work on replacing one of the gazebo roofs at Welkum Park.  Amy Woolvett photo

By Amy Woolvett

Despite the wintery weather, the Municipality of Shelburne has its focus on the summer days ahead with major changes almost complete at Welkum Park.

In partnership with the Atlantic Communities Opportunity Agency (ACOA), together they have injected just over $50,000 in upgrades to the park.

“It is a beautiful little spot,” said Marilyn Johnston, director of the Recreation Department with the municipality.  “These changes were long overdue.”

Driving into the park, the first change is obvious with a much wider parking lot to facilitate the park’s many visitors.

Crew were hard at work last week reroofing the parks three gazebo’s to ensure their lasting life for many picnics to come.

The bathrooms will be replaced with port-a-potties and housed with a shell to match the parks outdoorsy feel.

New fencing will replace the old and a new playground will be put in place, sure to bring joy to the age three to five set.

The playground will have the swings that were much loved but there will also be climbers and a slide and platforms for the small ones to play.

For added enjoyment on the lake, there will be a new floating dock that will be shaped into an L for visitors to sit and relax on and to dangle their feet in the water.

Johnston said that the work that began in Dec.  should be completed in another month.

“It will be ready for the spring,” she said.

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