Lights, camera, action!

Osprey Film Club’s new theatre projector almost ready to go

Published on May 23, 2012
Darcy Rhyno shows the Osprey Film Club’s new theatre projector. Amy Woolvett photo

By Amy Woolvett


The smell of fresh popped corn drizzled in hot butter, the anticipation of getting caught up in a story that can make you laugh out loud, or root for the hero.

Everybody loves the movies and soon the Osprey Arts Centre will be dimming its lights to show a wide range of films audiences is sure to enjoy.

The Osprey received $10,000 in funding for the purchase of a cinema-quality multimedia projector and projection screen from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund program and an additional $2000 from the Municipality of Shelburne.

They also took out a loan for operations.

“This is not to replace a local movie theatre,” said Darcy Rhyno, Manager at the Osprey.

The theatre will be showing previously released movies for adults as well as a children focused matinee every week starting this summer.

The screen is a vast 16 by 16 feet, and the projector is a powerful 7000 lumens, seven times more powerful than your standard home projector, along with the high quality surround sound and comfortable theatre seats.

“People are going to get a real cinema feel,” said Rhyno.

But there are a few added treats you just won’t find at your local movie theatre.

A night out with your favourite James Bond lead might just get you thirsty for a martini, shaken not stirred.

The organizers, a fast growing group of volunteers from the community have been having a great time finding themed snacks to be offered at the concession that will partner with the chosen movie perfectly and with a bit of flare.

One of the special aspects about the movie group is that the film choices for the movie nights out have been voted on publicly through their Facebook page.

“This is a community driven project,” said Rhyno.  “Run by the community and for the community.”

Bess Rattray, one of the organizers for the movie group.

“There is huge enthusiasm,” she said.  Describing the 300 suggested titles to be played.

She gave out other fun suggestions like Thelma and Louise with Cosmopolitan cocktails, the Beuna Vista Social Club being paired with mojitos and themed Cuban snacks.

“Each screening will have something fun and new,” said Rattray.  “We might even have a late night rowdy sing along and dress up.”

She said that they were working toward getting a list of titles from the Toronto film circuit catalogue.

The expected opening night for the films is June 28 at 8:00 p.m. and a Sunday children’s matinee at 2:00 p.m.

“The whole idea is to keep it fun,” said Rattray.  “Its all run by friends and neighbours.

For more information see their Facebook page titled Osprey Film Club.