Is there a need for seniors housing?

Published on April 9, 2011


By Amy Woolvett



There might be a senior’s complex built in the Shelburne area, if the need is there.

A group of residents have started the ball rolling to see if there is indeed a need for senior housing and just what would be expected of the complex.

The Seniors Independent Housing Initiative group was formed in Nov 2010 in response to the lack of quality housing for seniors in Shelburne County.

“A lot of people have to move away because there is no housing,” said Joan Bower, a member of the initiative.

They have contacted the Atlantic Baptist Seniors Homes, a non-profit registered charity, which has been building quality senior complexes in places like Bridgewater with Drumlin Hills, complete with a large well laid out facility with wide halls, parlours, underground parking and security.

The charity organization has agreed to consider Shelburne County for a new facility.

If the organization finds that enough people would be interested in living in a senior’s complex then they will take it to the next level in having a complex for the area.

The cost of the seniors apartment unit will reflect the cost of the build.

“It’s a not for profit group that only aims to break even but they have to break even,” said Bower.  “So it should be way lower priced than a for profit place.”

She said that survey’s are available at the Shelburne, Barrington and Lockeport library and drop off locations are printed on the back of each survey.

The survey will help to better determine the needs of seniors in the area and will help to determine the age, income and location for the facility.

Bower said that if enough survey’s aren’t filled out the organization won’t be able to continue.

“We need to get three times the amount people interested than in what it would take to fill the complex,” said Bower.

She said that the idea was to build a complex large enough to house 37-units.

She also stressed that it was not a nursing home but a place for independent seniors.

“It’s great for those who just don’t want or can’t shovel or mow,” she said. 

She added that it could be a sense of comfort to live in a complex where there is 24-7 staffing on site and an emergency call system.

Other amenities that might be included is an exercise room, community rooms, entertainment rooms, library, woodworking shop and sewing room.

“The whole place would cater to seniors,” she said.

Groups or individuals are encouraged to request survey’s and should call the Shelburne Baptist Church 875-4147 or visit and find them on Facebook at assistedliving4shelburne