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VON benefits from first Shelburne County Women Who Care meeting


Three local not-for-profit groups working to provide for the community stepped in front of a crowd of women on Wednesday night to pitch their projects during the first Shelburne County 100 Women Who Care meeting.

The 100 Women Who Care initiative is based on the concept of bringing together 100-plus women to make a big impact in their community.

The 100 Women Who Care initiative is based on the concept of bringing together 100-plus women to make a big impact in their community.

A one-hour event will be held four times a year whereby each woman or a group of women will bring a $100 cheque with them.

At each event three local charities or not-for-profits present what their group does and what they would do with the money of they received it.

There were 80 votes at the March 1 meeting, a good step to reaching the 100 goal, local organizers say.

“One thing that connects us here tonight is our desire to make a difference in our community,” said Penny Smith, one of the founding members of the group.

The three community organizations that presented at the meeting were the

Shelburne Loyalist Food Bank, the Agape Youth Ministry in Barrington and the Victoria Order of Nurses in Shelburne County.

An older model of the pain pump shown

The VON, which received the most amount of votes and therefore received $8,000,  talked to the room about purchasing a pain pump for the county.

Alison Kendrick and Chantel Cunningham, nurse managers for the VON, told a touching story about how there were not enough pain pumps to go around, which can result in not being able to go home for end of life care.

 “ It’s going to benefit so many in our community,” said Kendrick.  “I don’t think we could have even considered purchasing one on our own without this support.”

The VON provides home care, personal support and community services.

“A lot of people don’t realize we are a not-for-profit group,” said Cunningham.

The 100 Women Who Care will meet again in June to support another great local organization.

The Shelburne Loyalist Food Bank was one of the not-for-profits at the 100 Women who Care meeting.

The organizations


The Shelburne Loyalist Food Bank

The Shelburne Loyalist Food Bank provides food for those who need it in the community.   Currently there are 50 active volunteers at the food bank who help shop, stock and hand out grocery items to feed the less fortunate.  The food bank wants to create a healthy eating program to the food bank that would teach parents how to feed their children both healthy foods at an affordable cost.

Agape Youth Ministry


The Agape Youth Ministry opened in Barrington six months ago and is a non-denominational faith centre, coffee shop allowing youth a safe place for all religions, races and cultures to gather.

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