Falmouth boy gets magical trip to Disney through Children’s Wish Foundation

Published on September 11, 2017

Nolan Delaney-Allen, 9, shows off his Travelling Kindness Rock, made by a local artist with a design uniquely his as he accepted his wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation following a battle with a grade three brain tumour.

©Colin Chisholm

FALMOUTH, N.S. – Nolan Delaney-Allen, only nine-years-old, has been through a lot. With a grade three brain tumour, he underwent intensive surgery and multiple bouts of radiation.

The tumour is gone, and although there’s still a risk of it returning, Delaney-Allen and his family have been granted a much-deserved wish to California to take in Disneyland, Universal Studios and the San Diego Zoo, courtesy the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Delaney-Allen and his family were all smiles as he accepted his wish at Pothier Motors in Falmouth on Sept. 6, 2017 surrounded by family, friends and supporters.

Gillian Allen, Nolan’s mother, said the wish is a dream come true for the family.

“We did have a vacation that we went on just after he was diagnosed with his illness, we weren’t able to reschedule it so we went anyway,” Allen said. “But he wasn’t feeling very well and we had a terrible trip. So for us this is a chance to have a family vacation over again.”

Family, friends and supporters of Nolan Delaney-Allen, 9, pose for a group photo at Pothier Motors, where he received his wish. Allen-Delaney and his family are headed to California to take in Disneyland, Universal Studios and the San Diego Zoo.
Colin Chisholm

“It was hard on Nolan, there’s no doubt about it, he had surgery, radiation treatments, he still gets lots of needles and we have to watch him closely,” she said. “It’s tough on the other kids too, Cole was only five when it happened and he had to stay with his grandparents while his parents stayed in the hospital with his brother and felt neglected. So for him too, this is a big deal.”

Allen said Nolan’s grade-three malignant brain tumour was approximately nine centimetres in diameter.

Surgeons were able to remove the entire tumour, however, it does have a 20 per cent reoccurrence rate, so he’ll have to be checked for the rest of his life.

“This trip will mean happy memories for us, even though it came from a bad thing, we’ll be able to spend some time together that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise,” she said.

Nolan Delaney-Allen had a large grin on his face as he received his plane tickets and other gifts, saying he was very excited for the trip.

What’s his most anticipated part of the trip?

"Legoland!” he said enthusiastically.

As part of the package Delaney-Allen also received a Travelling Kindness Rock, made by a local artist, with a unique design especially for him.

The Children’s Wish Foundation recently granted their 25,000th wish across Canada according to the Nova Scotia Wish Coordinator Jacob Rafuse.

He said the non-profit organization is averaging three wishes every day nationwide.

Russell Stevenson, from 89.3 K-Rock was on hand for the presentation, after the radio station facilitated the radio telethon in July.

“We raised well over $22,000, I enjoy doing this stuff very much,” Stevenson said. “About a year ago one of the wish kids was my godson, who had a rare form of cancer, and I volunteered with them and here I am, still in the mix.”

Chad Pothier, general manager of Pothier Motors in Falmouth said he was excited to do the wish presentation at the dealership after they sponsored Delaney-Allen’s wish.

Pothier Motors donated $2,000 towards to the telethon.

“It’s great to be a part of a great cause like this,” Pothier said. “We watched what the family went though and to have it here and see them get this, the smiles on the kids faces is what it’s all about.”

Nolan Delaney-Allen, 9, with Chad Pothier at Pothier Motors in Falmouth, where he accepted his wish on Sept. 6, 2017.

©Colin Chisholm