Shelburne County crafter tickled pink over magazine spread

Published on March 10, 2017

Dawn Newell crafts delicious looking faux treats for display and dainty paper houses.

©Amy Woolvett

CLARK'S HARBOUR , N.S. - Bright and beautiful treats carefully crafted with whipped icing and topped with a bright cherry may seem like a scrumptious snack when visiting the home of Dawn Newell in Clark’s Harbour.

But these faux treats aren’t to eat.

Newell’s love of crafting, bright colours and beautiful things opened her up to the world of creating faux confectionary displays with most ingredients purchased at the local hardware store.

“Colour makes me feel good,” she says. “It makes me happy.” Dawn Newell

Cake pops with sprinkles, cupcakes with hues of pink with bright red cherries and faux chocolate bunnies with baskets full of eggs are just some of the talents Newell can recreate with her talent.

This month Newell’s creations caught the eye of her favourite magazine, Romantic Homes, which featured a two-page spread of her work.

“The editor said they were the stars of the show,” says Newell.

Spurred by this sweet success, Newell decided to launch a YouTube Channel called The Pink Tree where she gives tutorials on how to create her crafts.

Not only does she make faux confectionaries, Newell also makes beautiful, colourful paper houses with intricate detail and a whimsical nature.

“It was definitely out of my comfort zone,” says Newell about filming her tutorials.  But she is a natural at teaching the craft in simple and easy-to-follow steps.

The splashes of colour added to her shelves create a happy and bright feel to her home.

“Colour makes me feel good,” she says. “It makes me happy.”

Newell was brought up as a young child with her mother crafting the day away.

“My mother was extremely talented,” says Newell.  “I was brought up in the crafting world.”

After her mother passed away, Newell found her own crafting to be therapeutic and helped her through the difficult time.

Newell’s YouTube Channel has already seen more than 5,000 views combined for her how-to videos and she is just getting warmed up.


“Colour makes me feel good,” she says. “It makes me happy.” Dawn Newell

Watch Dawn Newell's how-to tutorial here:

How to make little faux cakes


• Supplies:

Disposable tin muffin pans

Cake decorator tips and bags

Brightly designed cupcake liners

Cardstock paper


Great Stuff Window and Door spray foam

Crafting paint

Matte varnish

Featherweight Spackle

Dollar store decoration like carrot or small Easter egg or cherry

• Instructions:

Place liners in muffin pan and cut card stock to size of bottom of liner to give shape and weight and glue to liner.

Spray a small amount of spay foam to give the look of a freshly risen cupcake.

Once dry, paint the outer base of the cupcake a soft cream colour and coat with a matte varnish.

In a separate container mix the featherweight Spackle with crafters paint (and sparkles if wanted).

Fill an icing bag set with a frosting tip with Spackle and squeeze in a circular motion over cupcake.

Add decoration (carrot, cherry, egg).